Short animations by Piotr Dumala: 'Czarny Kapturek' ('Black Riding Hood'), 'Nerwowe ┼╝ycie kosmosu' ('Neurotic Life of the Universe') and 'Lykantropia'

3 short animation films by Piotr Dumala (polish director, born in 1956 in Warsaw)

'Czarny Kapturek' / 'Black Riding Hood' (1983)

Very spicy finale ;)
'Nerwowe ┼╝ycie kosmosu' / 'Neurotic Life of the Universe' (1986)

 'Lykantropia' (1981)


JJ - "All White Everything"

Directed By Olivia Kastebring, New Album ‘V’


Agnes Obel - Dorian

from second Agnes Obel album 'Aventine'
Original material from the film 'The Very Eye From The Night' by Maya Deren
Metropolitan Ballet Company
1958, New York


Black-grey-white shirt instalation in Milan: Nendo and Cos collaboration

"The Nendo & COS collaboration is probably one of my favourite events from this year’s Salone in Milan. Simple, clever & beautiful and collected in this film.
Both brands are known for their minimalist yet elegant designs and this year Japanese design studio Nendo & Swedish fashion brand COS they collaborated for a spatial installation in Milan during the annual furniture fair Salone Del Mobile.
The space consists of shirts and thin cubic frames in various hues of white, grey and black.  
“I decided to let the white shirt do all the talking” explains Oki Sato of Nendo when talking about his approach to COS assignment to create a space around their products.
Various smaller installations of shirts moving in and out of the inner space of the metal cubes, are enhanced by the shirts being partly coloured. But only in the areas that are within the cubes. As if the shirts had been dyed by invisible ink from the cubes.
“The smartly ordered shirts are crisp, classic white until they fall inside the steel cube frames, at which point they take on colour as though the space itself has dyed them.” continues Oki Sato.
The overall impact is extremely impressive with all the hues overlapping each other."

via sofiliumm.wordpress.com


Arcade Fire - Reflektor

Second of the most overrated albums of 2013 by The Pitchfork Readers Poll's list [here]

Video directed by Anton Corbijn


12 Shoes for 12 Lovers - sculptural footwear

"12 Shoes for 12 Lovers is a creative collection of sculptural footwear by New York-based Chilean designer Sebastian Errazuriz that is inspired by his past personal relationships. Each shoe boasts a unique design that reflects on a specific woman from his past. The twelve shoes are each titled after the ex-lover that inspired them and accompanied by a brief description of their relationship on his blog.
From the frosty "Ice Queen" Sophie to the sweet "Honey" Natasha, Errazuriz manages to recreate his relationships, which have since gone south, as wearable shoes. "The Boss" Rachel is even a multipurpose piece that works as both a high heel and a vicious weapon.
Though Errasuriz shares a few images of women standing in some of the shoes, there are plenty that seem quite impossible to actually walk in, like "Gold Digger" Alison or "Jetsetter" Jessica. However, the designer's intention lies beyond functionality. Instead, the series is a documentation of love, relationships, and personal vulnerability."

via  www.mymodernmet.com  from12shoesfor12lovers.com


Sara Shor, russian illustrator

Sarah Shor (1897-1981)


'Shor lived in Kiev and Moscow. A young woman at the time of the Russian Revolution, she tried her hand at various art styles of the day, cubism and constructivism among them, but her illustrations for tales and stories, especially for Cock And Bull Stories by I. Kipnis (1924), examples below, are most distinctive. Shor conveys the emotional actions of the stories with a minimum of fuss. The cat and Renard the fox have a complicated relationship here, sometimes friends, sometimes not. Children lead complicated lives, too. You know even before you read the title that the little girl climbing the ladder is The Imp, while the child washing the feet of the elderly woman has a hard life indeed.All the works shown here, save the last one, were made during the 1920s and all are from the collection of the Museum of Jewish Art & History in Paris. How they got there I do not know.'

via thebluelantern.blogspot.com
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